Bringing Wellness Full Circle


It happens to all of us, and we call is lapses or potholes or going backwards… We just don’t do well for a while with our choices in nutrition, exercise and mind fillers and we just wind up feeling lousy.  And we know better, and we know that nothing happens by accident, so we realize that this horrible feeling is self-induced, which doesn’t help in the guilt department…  But that’s our real life and that is where we are at.

Now what?

CRAVINGS are not vague annoyances that might go away. They are specific reactions to specific situations that can be isolated, confronted, and understood.  It’s not enough to resolve to be strong.  Start thinking about when and where the cravings happen, or what triggers the desire to eat junk.  Why is this happening?  Does it have to do with stress? With lack of planning?  With not eating enough fiber/protein to feel full all day?

NO MOTIVATION TO EXERCISE is not a vague annoyance that might go away.  It is most often the result of thought patterns that must be addressed. What is your mind choosing to dwell on?  How are you spending your mind time?  Or your lack of motivation can also be the result of bad choices–how little did you sleep? How poorly did you eat?  How much did you drink, and what?  Maybe you made a poor choice that brought about another one, and then another one, like ripples in the water.

Sounds ridiculously simple, but sometimes, all you’ve got to do is to just accept and understand your shortcomings, take a deep breath, and  GET BACK ON THE HORSE!

Start making new kinds of ripples in your life!

Because what matters is not where you have been but what you are choosing right now.

Right this minute, or second.


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  1. Jan Ogden said:

    Hi Barb! Boy did I need to hear this today! I’ve been on a constant “vacation mode” for 3 months now and feeling terrible about myself. I will be back next week and getting back “on my horse” right away!

    Thanks for the encouragement, the timing was perfect!

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