Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Keep it Off!

OK, you are a happy camper, having lost the weight you set out to lose; good for you! It wasn’t easy, but now you are so pleased with your results–how you feel, how you look and the sense of accomplishment that goes with a goal accomplished.

And hopefully, you did more than lose weight– you changes your lifestyle for good.  Right?

Any kind of lifestyle habit changes are prone to relapses, unfortunately.  So once you reach your goal, it is good to have a plan as to how you will maintain your new lifestyle.

Here are ten tips for you:

1. Keep monitoring your weight.  Maybe not weekly, but a couple of times a month would be good.  It forces you to stay aware!

2. Never skip breakfast! All studies done show that this is a key element in losing weight and keeping it off.

3. Don’t stop drinking your water, and lots of it! Remember that often, when you think you are hungry, you are just thirsty…

4. Stay consistent.  That’s how you lost it, that’s how you are going to keep it off.  Consistent in your eating, your prepping the food, your planning the menus, your exercise routine.  Just do it.

5. Surround yourself with people who support you: a workout buddy, a colleague who will ask you how you are doing, an encouraging friend… Pick one person and ask them if he/she can help you be accountable–maybe a weekly email or phone call to make sure you stay on track.

6. Keep exercising but change up your routine every so often to keep challenging yourself and your muscles.

7. Give yourself a couple of new health goals, like maybe working toward a 5K, or a toned tummy etc…Give yourself an ending date.  It will keep you focused and energized.

8. Remember to eat mindfully, enjoying your food.

9. Don’t read diet magazine articles.  Stick to what you know works for you!

10. Don’t forget to enjoy the new YOU!


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