Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Spring Time Workouts

When the warmish weather arrives and the sun starts to shine brighter and the birds start singing, my body wakes up with nature and I experience an irresistible itch to go outside and smell the fresh air.  So I do!  It’s a great opportunity for all of us to take our workouts outside and get our sunshine fix–very needed vitamin D.  All movement counts.  If you are not a workout type person, use the outdoors spring clean-up to move some: pick up sticks, rake leaves, trim bushes, hoe your future garden, wash the car, sand and stain your porch floor, plant a tree, build a fence, you name it… those are all aerobic in nature, and lifting, chopping and digging will also increase your strength, let alone your flexibility.  It’s all good!

Walking on the treadmill just doesn’t compare to hiking, does it?  There’s something about nature that is very restorative and just does us good.

Now if you want to actually have an outdoor structured “workout,” spring time is the perfect time to start  because it’s not too hot yet and your body can adapt to the outdoor conditions slowly.  You need very little equipment, if any at all.  You can jump, squat, run, lunge up hill (cardiac hill on White Farm Road, anyone?), lunge down hill, jump rope, bunny hop across the street, do some bike riding drills, run steps, use the sidewalk to do triceps dips, use a tree to do a “tree” squat or standing push-ups, play soccer with a friend, etc. You are limited only by your own imagination.

Pretty soon, at Barb’s Fit U EMM and Boot Camp Classes, we’ll be going outside. But you don’t need me to get going, do you?


Comments on: "Spring Time Workouts" (3)

  1. Barb you always know what I need to hear!!! I was desperately needing inspiration for today’s workout and as always you have motivated me! Thanks yet again for the powerful words.

  2. […] I wear a pedometer, I am aware of it all day long and I want the number on there to be big, so I move more on purpose.  I even do an extra few jumping jacks or park further away just to see the number go […]

  3. […] This doesn’t mean however that you need to avoid low intensity workouts if you want to burn more fat. There are specific things you can do to burn more fat and it all starts with how and how much you exercise. […]

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