Bringing Wellness Full Circle


So how did you do with the 10 deep breaths challenge?  Did you follow through all week?  How did it feel?  I did well, but because I did not follow the instructions and did not print out the paper, I missed a couple of days–lesson learned!

For this week, you will have to continue to work on challenge #1 AND you will add challenge #2,  fellow Barb’s Fit U Community Members:

DRINK one full glass of water before you eat/drink anything in the morning.

Confession time: this one is going to be tough for me, because coffee always comes first! But I am in with you, no quitting here!

Here are your instructions:

1. Click on calendar link and print

3. Highlight January 17th through February 6th (21 days)

4. Each day that you accomplish the challenge, check feels in the appropriate square.

And if you are not subscribed to receive my blog update automatically in your email, please do it so you by entering your email at the top right of this page so you won’t miss any of them!

And feel free to add a comment as the challenge unfolds; we can all benefit from each other’s insights and discoveries…

Comments on: "WEEK 2 CHALLENGE" (9)

  1. ginny sieminski said:

    I did well with challenge #1 – but didn’t really feel anything noteworthy until yesterday. I had a dentist appointment that I had made 6 months again not realizing that Jan 16 was a holiday. While everyone else in the house slept in, I had to rush off by 7:15 to make it to my appointment on time. The dentist was removing a cracked filling in my last molar on top and had every piece of metal in the office in my mouth. Since I hadn’t had breakfast, the anathesia was making me feel a little wierd, and I was feeling twinges of pain as the drill hit still sensitive spots. I could feel every muscle in my body tensing up. Thats when I remembered I had not taken my 10 deep breaths. Through drills, clamps, suction devices and more I slowly and deeply breathed 10 times. It worked! I felt the tightness relax and my lightheadedness clear. Thanks Barb!

  2. BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was exactly the point; deep breathing releases stress, and stress released makes for a healthier body.
    Ginny, you made my day!

  3. I could not agree more about the deep breathing. I try to do it every night before bed or when I have those “wake up at 3 a.m.” nights.
    I also have heard about the drinking a glass of cold water first thing in the morning. A man I work with did it and he said he lost weight JUST by adding this to his routine.

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  5. The glass of water challenge is an easy one for me. I’ve already been doing this since January 2009 when I took part in the NEWAY (food) program. 🙂

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