Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Boredom  in your workout routine can really halt your fitness momentum–not good!   if you are losing your motivation, it’s time to change it up and shock your body with a new or different routine.  Drastic changes are not necessary; you only need to work on small changes that confuse your body a bit and return it to “fat-burning” and “muscle-building” mode. When your routine remains utterly monotonous, your body thinks it is simply in maintenance mode, making body shape change hard to obtain.  And your mind, well, it goes nowhere!

So, what do I do?

It all depends on your current routine. Here are some suggestions:

Aerobic workouts:

  • Decrease/increase length of time and/or intensity
  • (Outside) Change your route, even if it’s the same distance
  • Add some hills
  • Do sprints one day, endurance the next

Strength workouts:

  • Shift the focus of your workout each time. (Upper body one day, lower body the next, core the next)
  • Add some cardio
  • Shorten your total workout time and go at a quicker pace. (Or lower your pace and add more exercises)
  • Simply do different exercises, even if it hits the same muscles

Other ideas:

  • If you take classes, try a different one
  • Mix up cardio and strength, a few minutes of each back and forth
  • If you work out alone, try a class/buddy

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