Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Menopause, anyone?

No we don’t like it, but somehow it’s part of life for each of us woman folks… so here are some tips that might help you along the way:


Lots and lots of water

Low glycemic high fiber snacks to eliminate munchies and energy swings

Good protein to stabilize energy and blood sugar

Good omega 3 fatty acids

Lots of little meals


Lots of caffeine

Lots of sugar

White carbs… ouch!

Sitting around

Too many liquid calories

EAT! Focus on foods which a have a positive effect on hormone regulation and support.

Wild Caught Salmon (avoid farm-raised when possible).

Kidney Beans – mix with chopped sweet peppers and arugala; add your favorite extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you have an EFA power-meal.


Ground Flax and Chia Seeds; add to salads, cereals, baked goods, shakes.

Cauliflower – cook just like you’d make mashed potatoes, add your favorite nut oil for a boost of Omega-3′s, sprinkle with balck pepper and sea salt.


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